ManuSoft by Manufacturing Software

ManuSoft is a Windows based computer software system, developed by Manufacturing Software, and designed for a “Job Shop” manufacturing environment. The ManuSoft system allows you manage your business more effectively by offering real time solutions for control in the manufacturing environment through Dynamic Resource Control (DRC). The ManuSoft DRC system provides for:

  • Quoting & Estimating with follow up status win/loss reporting
  • Engineering Part definition with multi-level Bill-Of-Material and Routing
  • Manufacturing order and job Costing
  • Dynamic shop floor data feedback and scheduling
  • Labour efficiency reporting and job cost variance analysis
  • Inventory and stock control with purchasing and full creditor accounting
  • Invoicing and complete debtor accounting screenshot
  • Serial Lot Tracking
  • Divisional operations
  • Complete range of MRP options
  • Integrated E-Commerce B2B
  • Integrated Real-Time Financial Accounting
  • Integrated CRM and VRM system

Our maintenance includes:

  • Unlimited online and telephone support
  • Free attendance at regular scheduled training sessions
  • Program updates free from our support website
  • Free upgrades to the latest version of ManuSoft

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