ManuSoft Features

A full colour brochure highlighting key system features is also available for download.

The ManuSoft Dynamic Resource Control (DRC) system will help you control your business!

  • Improve your company’s performance by getting control!
  • Successful management needs the correct tools!
  • Your management team needs up-to-date information to be in control of any given situation.
  • Controls in the following areas will ensure your success:
    • Providing Customer Service and correct Lead-times
    • Estimating Bills of Materials and Process Routings
    • Production Scheduling and Control
    • Factory Loadings Reporting
    • Factory Staff Efficiencies and Job Control
    • Quality Control and Reject Analysis
    • Work-in-Progress Reporting in Real Time
    • Purchase Order Control
    • Raw Material and Inventory Control in Real Time
    • Accounting in Real Time
    • User defined reporting
    • B2B, CRM and VRM
    • And many, many more features!

“The ManuSoft system can be used by any manufacturing organisation such as; small or large jobbing shops, repetition manufacturing, make to order or make to stock. Any manufacturing company that needs to quote a product competitively and control the manufacture of a product profitably, with due regard to product quality and customer service, can benefit by using the ManuSoft System.”

“A simple fact of life is that manufacturing control problems don’t just go away, they usually get worse unless they are corrected. Clearly, the ManuSoft System will help in all manufacturing situations if the manufacturer is to remain competitive.”