ManuSoft System Overview

There are five (5) modules that make up the full ManuSoft computer software package, namely:

The Quoting and Estimating System (QES).

This is first module of the ManuSoft system. It provides a facility whereby Bill-Of-Material and Process Routing components of a manufactured ‘Part’ may be defined. The labour and material cost components can be defined and marked up to provide a ‘Quote’ for the part. A Quote Advice document may be produced and there are complete support facilities such as global cost/price changes and Win/Loss reporting. The QES module is a pre-requisite for all other modules.

The Production Scheduling and Control System (PSC).

This system incorporates the QES module and provides a facility to establish and maintain a Manufacturing Order Book (MOB file). This module provides for ‘Job Shop’ scheduling with material and labour requirements reporting. Order-on-hand, Work-in-progress and Job Status reporting is also available where an active schedule is maintained through shop floor data feedback.

The Manufacturing Control System (MCS).

This system incorporated both the QES and PSC modules to provide a fully integrated manufacturing control facility. There are additional features concerning Job Cost reporting, Dynamic Shop Floor data feedback, Dispatch and Invoicing, Sales analysis, Variance reporting and Job history reporting. This module also provides the basis for the ManuSoft Dynamic Touch Screen data feedback system.

The Manufacturing Inventory Control System (MIC).

This module provides a stand-alone stock and inventory control facility with complete Purchase Order processing and order tracking facilities. There is a stock invoicing facility with Debtors control through the Debtor accounting option and a complete Creditor control facility to keep track of goods received, returns and payments.

The Manufacturing Resource Planning System (MRP).

This module provides the means by which the MSC and MIC systems may be merged into an integrated MRP facility and when combined with the Accounting and General Ledger option represents a complete ERP system. There are various MRP options available, namely, MRPI for typical ‘Job Shop’ make to order environments and MRPII for make to stock on forward master schedules.

System Options:

There are a number of options associated with the ManuSoft system, concerning:
• Product Configuration – User defined custom application
• Process Time Table (PTT) – for quoting and estimating configuration
• Barcode and/or Touch Screen options – for shop floor data collection
• E-Commerce option – internet based online B2B operations
• Serial Lot Tracking – not available with the Divisional option
• Divisional operations – not available with the Serial Lot Tracking option
• General Ledger option – ManuSoft integrated accounting
• Accounting Link option – for external (third party) accounting systems
• Label Generator – user definable reports and labels
• Companies Resources Management (CRM)

The complete ManuSoft system with the CRM, Dynamic Shop Floor data feedback and Integrated Accounting and General Ledger represents a true Dynamic Resource Control (DRC) facility.

The ManuSoft system is user friendly with menu driven program selection, on-screen help, and other screen prompts designed to assist the operator. It has been developed from a manufacturing perspective and has been designed to be customized to meet the unique requirements of almost any manufacturing situation. An on-line operational manual, training tutorials and seminars are provided to assist in installation and commissioning the system. We also provide installation assistance and initial operator training.

Ongoing client support is provided through our system maintenance scheme provides unlimited telephone support, internet on-line support, system upgrades and an operator training facility. The latter may be carried out either through our standard training seminars which are conducted on a regular basis throughout the year or by direct client site visit.

The Manusoft system operates in a Windows 32 bit environment (minimum requirement). It is multi-user with it own internal record locking facility but nevertheless is fully Windows compliant with complete OBDC real time data access capabilities.